bat boxes

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bat boxes
Bat experts from the Dutch Mammal Society have formulated the 'eco-technical requirements for a place of stay for bats.
The knowledge and the experience of Koninklijke Tichelaar shows that a ceramic facility offers excellent possibilities to meet these requirements. Industrial designer Dick van Hoff has teamed up with Koninklijke Tichelaar and designed prototypes based on both the bat specifications and the design and construction requirements. Combined with the ceramic knowledge of Koninklijke Tichelaar this has resulted in eco-friendly bat boxes.

briked or build-in bat boxes 
When bat boxes are needed, the choice is often made for a solution whereby special cabinets are built into the cavity or in the outer cavity wall. Ceramics is preferred because it stabilizes temperature and humidity. The cabinets are located in the building, but offer a clearly enclosed spot for the animals. Because the cabinets are housed in a larger (brick) mass, the climate conditions are reasonably stable and therefore more suitable as a nursery and winter residence than cabinets installed on the façade. A cabinet can be built in clearly visible or almost invisibly. Via the links below you can download the building plans and specifications of the Koninklijke Tichelaar bat boxes.

download schematic drawings
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