Information Center Afsluitdijk

Jaar: 2007
Locatie: Afsluitdijk
Architect: Ontwerpbureau 2D3D
Opdrachtgever: Rijkswaterstaat
Projecttype: art & design
Product: tiles and fittings, polychrome, module size: 150x150 mm and moldings, frost, outdoor use, glazed in uni colors combined with images and decoration in transfer technology, unglazed industrial tiles were supplied by Agrob Buchtal
In 2007 the Afsluitdijk existed for 75 years. Because the consequences of climate change have a direct impact on water management and the locks at the Afsluitdijk will be adjusted over time, Rijkswaterstaat commissioned Design Agency 2D3D to develop an information center. Soon it was decided to construct the three information objects that would be placed outside in unprotected places and in the salt atmosphere in ceramic tiles. For Koninklijke Tichelaar it was a complex assignment, not only because of the three-dimensional character of the objects, but also because of the primary colors in combination with the sharpness of the images and the texts.
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