Living room, Amersfoort

Locatie: Amersfoort
Architect: Bureau Lakenvelder
Opdrachtgever: Schipper Bosch
Projecttype: interior
Product: hand-formed Old Dutch tiles (white with tin glaze), module size: 130x130 mm hand mold and purchased industrial tiles (50x50 mm) on which a glaze with a golden effect is applied in combination with toilet and washbasins glazed in the same version
For the interior of the private house in Amersfoort (NL), the architect went looking for new materialisation possibilities. Parts of the ceiling were covered with Claudy Jongstra's handmade felt and he had the mantelpiece tiled with old-Dutch tiles also called 'white', which have been made by Koninklijke Tichelaar since 1690. The walls, floor, ceiling, door and bathroom of the toilet were completely covered with the gold glazed tiles produced by our company.
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