Entrance apartment complex, London

Jaar: 2003
Locatie: London
Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Opdrachtgever: Capital & Mayfair Shaw Ltd
Projecttype: interior
Product: module size: 160 x 160/130/110 / 90mm, frost resistant, outdoor use, hand-formed tiles, glazed in a bronze glaze (non resistant to acid)
The ceramist Christine Jetten was approached as an advisor by the English architects Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates to find a producer for the tiles with the effect of 'battered bronze' for the entrance hall of an apartment complex in Mayfair, London. We carried out a short development process, the samples of which were approved by the architect. The hand-molded tiles have a fixed height and four different widths, so that in combination with the effect glaze, which has been generously variegated for this project, a particularly richly nuanced bronze-colored appearance is obtained. The tiling in the hall of the building runs upwards, with the numbering printed in the clay indicating the floors.
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