Villa Vonk Community School, Eindhoven

Jaar: 2012
Locatie: Eindhoven
Architect: VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism
Designer: Ton Venhoeven
Opdrachtgever: Woonbron Projectontwikkelaars
Aannemer: Waal
Projecttype: architecture
Product: glazed and transfer tiles
Venhoeven CVS asked Koninklijke Tichelaar to supply tiles in special, rich glazes: some with even colours and some with screen-printed multicoloured, two-dimensional decorations. The tiles designed by the architect are a major component of the community school in Hoogvliet and are consistent with the project's conceptual starting points, in which an open, welcoming atmosphere for all schoolchildren was of paramount importance. The school complex and the entrance in particular, partly as a result of the rich tiling, looks like a luxury villa: something that was an important basic principle for the architect.
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