Jaar: 2006
Locatie: Makkum
Designer: Studio Job
Opdrachtgever: Koninklijke Tichelaar B.V.
Projecttype: art & design
Product: glazed porcelain
The origin of Biscuit, the assignment given to Studio Job in 2006, was the purchase of an old press. The great advantage of the old machine, which was overtaken decades ago by much more efficient ones, was that it could work in relief in greater depth. With this in mind, we asked Studio Job to design a new series for the collection.

Biscuit consists of nine different plates and five objects. What is appealing is the visual idiom of the decoration, so characteristic of Studio Job. Like the gleaming white plates, the five objects, including a vase, a box, a candleholder and a lantern, are also richly illustrated. The series was received enthusiastically by the press and is now part of a number of museum collections in Holland and abroad.
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