Synagogue, Amsterdam

Jaar: 2010
Locatie: Amsterdam
Architect: SeARCH
Designer: SeARCH
Opdrachtgever: Liberaal Joodse Gemeente
Aannemer: Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen BV
Projecttype: architecture
Product: about 2,000 disc shaped tiles with a surface texture and a slightly iridescent glaze.
For the façade of the new synagogue of the Liberal Jewish Community in Amsterdam, Bjarne Mastebroek of SeARCH architects asked us for a round tile with a highly reflective glaze. In the design, the facades of the building are rendered and the tiles are part of a pattern in the form of stars of David that is draped over the building like a cloak. An inscription in Hebrew appears on the northern façade in smaller tiles. After a short development period we gave the surface of the round tiles a texture and a slightly iridescent glaze. The building has rapidly generated international interest.
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