Gili vase

Jaar: 2012
Locatie: Makkum
Designer: Roderick Vos
Projecttype: art & design
Product: 5 fused ceramic segments in jade green and white, size: 33 cm wide x 30 cm deep x 36 cm high
The Gili vase is the fourth project on which Koninklijke Tichelaar has collaborated with the designer Roderick Vos. He has previously designed the successful MaMa vase (1999), the Atlantis bowl (2002) and the Bloom (2006).
Roderick Vos once again took his inspiration from the organic forms and structures of nature. For this design, the starting point was provided by the coral structures around the Gili Islands off the coast of Lombok. This stoneware vase is composed of five fused segments and remains intriguingly balanced, with a suggestion of movement. This vase can be tipped in five different directions. The individuality of the flowers can be accentuated and thus admired captivatingly from several sides. The Gili vase is available in gleaming white and also in a fine jade green. The Gili vase is only on sale in the Roderickvosshop.
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