Middentunnel CS, Amsterdam

Jaar: 2010-2013
Locatie: Amsterdam
Architect: Benthem Crouwel Architekten/ Merkx
Designer: Evelyne Merkx
Benthem Crouwel Architects
Opdrachtgever: ProRail/City Amsterdam
Aannemer: ABM Belbouw
Projecttype: architecture
Product: 50,000 ceramic ‘crumpled’ tiles, 446 x 71 and derivatives, celadon, transparent glaze
The refurbishment of the Middentunnel is intended to result in the efficient and comfortable organisation of flows of travellers in combination with good and attractive new commercial units. Just as in the Cuypers building, the dimensions, materials and details are restrained, but look more contemporary, which suits the location’s special dynamics. The materials chosen underpin the use of the Middentunnel and contribute to the ease of orientation.

The ceilings are higher near the stairs and escalators. Apart from having a different ceiling, the access points to the platforms are also made clearly visible and recognisable by means of the walls at right-angles to the flow of people in the tunnel. These walls are clad with ceramic tiles and form a sort of gateway through which the Middentunnel space leads. The walls continue above platform level, thus forming a balustrade alongside the stairwells. The ‘crumpled tiles’ on these walls were designed by Evelyne Merkx and manufactured by Koninklijke Tichelaar. Our company was approached at an early stage in the development of these tiles and was therefore able to contribute with her century long knowledge in tiles and glazing.
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