"Mecenaat Provinsje Frýslan ", Leeuwarden

Jaar: 2012
Locatie: Friesland, Leeuwarden
Designer: Hans van Houwelingen
Opdrachtgever: Provincie Fryslân
Aannemer: Koninklijke Tichelaar B.V.
Projecttype: art & design
The Province of Friesland commissioned the artist Hans van Houwelingen to create an artwork for the new Provincial authorities building in Leeuwarden. The work consists of three parts, which include eleven white porcelain suits of armour. Koninklijke Tichelaar was approached to produce the pieces. Queen Beatrix unveiled the artwork on 22 May 2012. The work’s common theme involves the relationship between art and politics at a time when they seem to be moving further and further apart.

In the public area of the new Provincial building eleven suits of white porcelain armour with closed visors stand proudly on eleven consoles. Stately, conservative, self-assured and fragile, each bears the coat of arms of a Frisian town on its cuirass. A suit of armour made of porcelain is like Frisian tradition, which preserves the people but at the same time makes them vulnerable. Tradition protects, but is also society's Achilles heel, just as porcelain can last a thousand years or be shattered by a single blow. Koninklijke Tichelaar produced the numerous components of these suits of armour. This commission has once again enabled Koninklijke Tichelaar to showcase its traditional craftsmanship and expertise in ceramics. Hans Van Houwelingen: “I am very impressed by Makkum's craftsmanship".
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