Park Pavilion De Hoge Veluwe

Jaar: 2019
Locatie: Hoge Veluwe
Architect: De Zwarte Hond and Monadnock
Opdrachtgever: Rots Bouw B.V.
Projecttype: interior
Materiaal: Tiles
Product: tiles, glazed in a special matt green glaze
For the fire place in the Park Pavilion of National Park De Hoge Veluwe, Koninklijkel Tichelaar has glazed tiles in a special matt green glaze.

As a central meeting place on Nationaal Park de Hoge Veluwe, the Zwarte Hond and Monadnock have designed a large pavilion that looks different from every side and offers visitors a series of experiences. An important feature of picturesque architecture is a pronounced drawing against the sky (silhouette) and on the ground (perimeter). The Hunting lodge St. Hubertus designed by Hendrik Petrus Berlage at Nationaal Park de Hoge Veluwe is a good example of this. Also here, there are glazed tiles by Koninkijke Tichelaar. The new Park Pavilion is designed by the Zwarte Hond and Monadnock according to the same approach. The building is therefore best described from its experience.
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