Åke E:son Lindman

Villa Sagalid

Jaar: 2015-2018
Architect: Sandell Sandberg
Projecttype: architecture
Materiaal: façade elements
Product: Product: frost resistant glazed façade elements with black metallic high gloss glaze, specifically developed for this project 
With the location as a starting point, the private house Villa Sagalid created on 500 square meters. The building was founded in 2018, a work that has lasted for about eight years. A great deal of attention is paid to the 50,000 square meters of plot properties and as the villa is located on a vulnerable location, next to the waters of the archipelago, the intention was to draw a building that will last over time. The color and texture of the bark of the surrounding pine trees were the inspiration for the self-signed ceramic tiles that cover the whole House. The metallic black high gloss glaze, specially developed by Royal Tichelaar for this project, changes beautifully in dark and light, depending on how the Sun reflects the House and creates live in the façade.
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