Fundatie, Zwolle

Jaar: 2013
Locatie: Zwolle
Architect: Bierman Henket architecten
Opdrachtgever: Gemeente Zwolle
Aannemer: BAM Utiliteitsbouw
Projecttype: architecture
Materiaal: Tiles
Product: three-dimensionally wedge-shaped tiles glazed in white wih blue haze
In 2011, Royal Tichelaar Makkum was asked to develop and produce ceramic cladding for an extension of unusual design for the Museum de Fundatie. This former courthouse, which dates back to 1840, was too small to offer adequate space for the exhibitions, museum collections and visitors. The design for the extension by architect Hubert-Jan Henket forms a sharp contrast with the museum's neoclassical building. At the same time, the fluid form of this three-dimensional ellipsoid, also called 'The Eye', refers to the organic design of the park by the landscape architect J.D. Zocher at the rear of the building.

Meticulous detailing for the facade of the double elliptical construction was essential for the design. Henket chose a ceramic skin, which could blend into the sky. To achieve the desired effect our company performed various tests in close consultation with Hubert-Jan Henket. Finally a choice was made for a cladding consisting of wedge-shaped tiles with a white glaze interspersed with light blue accents. A great deal of attention was devoted to mounting and distributing the ceramic elements. The modules are in two sizes and the wedge-shaped tiles were randomly positioned, which results in the light and the sky being reflected both unpredictably and in many different ways. Royal Tichelaar Makkum was responsible for the production and the installation: over 50,000 tiles were produced to clad 1,340 m2.
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