Ridge tiles for thatched roofs

Projecttype: restoration
Product: pottery, red fired and black smoked finishes
The ridge tiles for thatched roofs is a typical culture-related product: outside of Holand the roof of a thatched roof is covered with reed, heather or wood. In the Netherlands we are the only manufacturer of ridge tiles for thatched roofs, these are ridge frosts for thatched roofs. It is worth mentioning that our ridge tiles for thatched roofs meet all relevant quality criteria. Koninklijke Tichelaar ridge tiles for thatched roofs are delivered to the reed thatcher via selected and specialized reed merchants. Would you like ridge tiles for thatched roofs made by Koninklijke Tichelaar; ask your reed thatcher, reed merchant or contact us.

Pieter Frietema 
Desk Sales Bat Boxes & Ridge tiles for thatched roofs
Tel:  +31 (0) 515 23 13 41 
e-mail: pieter.frietema@tichelaar.nl 
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