6 Villas, Singapore

Jaar: 1998-1999
Locatie: Singapore
Architect: Sottsass Associati
Opdrachtgever: Koh Poh Seng
Aannemer: Soh Beng Tee & Co PTE Ltd.
Projecttype: architecture
Product: glazed tiles ten colors in silk matt
Architects firm Sottsass Associati was approached to design a plan for six houses on Jasmine Hill, a hill overlooking Singapore. Due to the different floor plans, planting, façades and the use of color, each villa has its own identity. After having approached numerous companies in Italy, England and France to develop tiles with Sottsass Associati's desired color for the cladding, which had a silk-matted appearance, they turned to Koninklijke Tichelaar. For the first time, it became clear to us that the knowledge and experience gained from carrying out restorations could also be interesting for contemporary architecture.
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