Floor Arons and Koninklijke Tichelaar B.V.

Pontsteiger, Amsterdam

Jaar: 2016-2017
Locatie: Amsterdam
Architect: Arons & Gelauff
Opdrachtgever: Ontwikkelingscombinatie Amsterdam Arche
Aannemer: Dura Vermeer/ De Nijs
Projecttype: architecture
Product: brick slips, 65 x 225 mm, glazed in six lively glass shades
In close collaboration with the architect Koninklijke Tichelaar developed six lively glass shades, which are applied to stone strips of 65 by 225 mm with a profiled surface. The brick slips are pre-casted into concrete elements for easy assembly. The project is was carried out by Amsterdam Arche Development Combination (Dura Vermeer / De Nijs).

The end result is a beautiful, sleek façade with a lively appearance that changes with seasons, weather conditions and angle of incidence. Pontsteiger is one of the largest and highest residential buildings in Amsterdam. Where the building touches the expanse of the IJ, it rises above the Houthaven. At an altitude of 60 meters, the imposing "bridge section" of eight floors begins, with views up to the coast. Pontsteiger is in turn part of the view of Amsterdammers. The imposing dimensions and the gleaming appearance of the building make it a new eye-catcher of the city. The spectacular building is a design by Arons and Gelauff architects. It is an eye-catching design with an open structure. In order to represent the special position in the water city, the building has the form of a gate from a distance. When you look closer it's visible that the Pontsteiger has a chair shape. The chair has an open back and is lifted seven meters above the jetty. As a result, the building looks astonishingly airy.

Pontsteiger is built on the spot where for years the ferry from the Houthaven to Amsterdam-Noord was landing. An area that will be transformed in the coming years into a sustainable residential area, built on seven green, car-free islands in the northern part of the Spaarndammer neighborhood.
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