Savoy Court, London

Jaar: 2012-2013
Locatie: London
Opdrachtgever: Paye Stone
Aannemer: Paye Stone
Projecttype: restoration
Product: glazed moldings, various models up to a maximum size of 600 x 300 mm, with a wall thickness of 25 and 40 mm, frost, outdoor use, glazed in a nuance of semi-matt sand colors
We were approached by Paye Stone with the question whether we were able to reproduce large pieces for the restoration of Savoy Court; a late 19th century building at The Strand in London. After inspecting the façade and having taken a picture with the contractor, we started making a large number of different models. Some were pretty simple, but most had complex ornaments. The complexity was increased because of the requirement that the minimum wall thickness should be 25 mm: a thickness that we normally do not work on. Because the number of copies per model is often only a few pieces, sometimes only one element is required, a lot of time is needed for such an assignment. In total we supplied 250 molded parts, spread out over 40 models.
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