Roderick Vos

Roderick Vos (Groningen, 5 February 1965) began his studies in Industrial Design in 1984 at what is now the 'Design Academy' in Eindhoven. In 1987 he moved to Japan for eight months where GK Industrial Associates in Tokyo, founded by Kenji Ekuan, afforded him an excellent education. This special period greatly influenced Roderick's personal interest in Asian culture (he is partly Asian himself) and its products.

In 1990, Roderick completed his studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and founded the design studio and showroom ‘Studio Roderick Vos’ in 's-Hertogenbosch together with his partner Claire Vos (Tegelen, 1965), also an industrial designer. Several pieces of Roderick’s work have been acquired by museums such as the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (Municipal Museum of Amsterdam) and the Design & Arts Museum, New York.
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