J.O.N.G Architects

Jelle de Jong established himself as a freelance architect in Lemmer in 1987. The management team now consists of Jelle de Jong, Wytze Bouma and Kees de Haan. The firm works on new constructions as well as pure restoration projects and everything in between. All projects involve teamwork in which everyone fulfils his or her specific role.

Respect is an important concept for J.O.N.G. architects. It begins with respect for the client. A successful project exists solely by the virtue of an inspiring commission. There is also respect for the environment in which a building stands or is erected. Furthermore this does not just involve the directly visible context but also the historical background and a place's building traditions. Modern construction methods and techniques are respected. The traditions are familiar but a contemporary interpretation is more interesting. The character of an old building deserves respect. Where necessary, renovations are carried out using clear, effective methods without harming the nature of the building. The resulting tension inspires an exciting dialogue between old and new. Lastly, J.O.N.G. architects respect themselves and their discipline. They do not hold back in their attempt to convince others of their vision using the power of argument.

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