Studio Job

Art and design studio Studio Job was founded in 1998 by Job Smeets in the spirit of the renaissance, combining traditional and modern techniques to produce unique objects. Graphic designer Nynke Tynagel joined in 2000 and together the duo went to work with a large number of high-profile customers and collectors.

In the studios of Studio Job, traditional and modern techniques are combined to produce, as they themselves say; "once-in-a-lifetime" objects. Technology, science and decorative designs come together in their work that can be described as Gesamtkunstwerk - a total work of art or an all-encompassing art form. The current popular adage 'less is more' does not apply to this design duo; it would be better to categorise them as followers of the Baroque. The imagination is more important to Studio Job than unambiguous functionality. Imagination is the function. The choice of specific and sometimes emotionally-charged visual imagery in their designs often has a rich history; Smeets and Tynagel enhance the layering of their work in this respect and abandon the paths that divide art and design; their chosen iconography can certainly lead to a discussion as a result. Studio JOB: "In our opinion art is an invitation to enter into dialogue, an invitation that is sometimes paired with controversy". 

Meanwhile Studio Job's home base is Antwerp, where the collective has a large exhibition space in the city centre, regularly a venue for exhibitions by various designers. In addition to Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, the collective includes a team of young designers that assist in their large, often monumental projects and designs.
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