SeARCH - design architecture and interior, urban design and landscape architecture

Bjarne Mastenbroek founded SeARCH in 2002 and, together with the director Uda Visser, developed a broad portfolio of award-winning projects at home and abroad. With a team of international architects, designers and other professionals, SeARCH handles a wide range of assignments. SeARCH collaborates with various disciplines to experiment and test the results of collective design sessions. SeARCH does this to give an opportunity to innovative, original and unexpected proposals. SeARCH stands for Urbanism and Architecture. Their projects are seen as landscapes. Without borders, landscapes are endless and open; they connect architecture with the urban, interior with exterior. By emphasizing landscapes, SeARCH promotes a high degree of sustainability and environmental awareness within their projects.

Daily life inspires them. The strategy is pragmatic; they gather information and forms and make new connections between them. The result is a collection of very specific buildings that fit seamlessly with their history and function. In their view, the context of a building, i.e., that which already exists, is a starting point for exploration and not a rigid guide. They want to free their architecture from old imposed rules and customs, making it unpredictable and at the same time self-evident.

Photographer: Maarten Corbijn
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