Jan Tichelaar says goodbye to Royal Tichelaar Makkum

After a 25-year commitment to Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum, Jan Tichelaar has decided to step down. He looks back on an exhilarating period in which the company has completely changed from a handicraft company known for hand painted pottery and tiles to a niche player in the international architecture and art world. Preserving the core values of the company was always leading from which was entered into cooperation with architects, designers and artists. Jan Tichelaar indicates that now the change of course has been completed and a new phase dawns for the company, for him it is time for a next phase in his life. Since half a year Hans Marcuse is managing director and leads the company to which after the change of course focus will be on streamlining business processes and sustainable growth. 

Although “Tichelaar” will always be part of me, I look forward to new professional challenges. Based on my past experience I feel my strength lies in development, growing and repositioning (family-owned) businesses, working together with the manufacturing industry and customers from the cultural and other sectors.

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