Renovation of stations on the Oostlijn Metro Amsterdam

Together with design bureau Fabrique, Group A architects is responsible for the design and renovation of stations along the Oostlijn Metro in Amsterdam.  Group A has created a design that is not only a ‘return to the basis of the original design’ but also reflects ‘a vision of the future’.

From Amsterdam Centraal Station to Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, the Oostlijn runs underground but also partly on the surface. The original design by architects Spängberg and van Rhijn dates from the 1970s. The initial concept has been diluted over time and the Oostlijn no longer meets the demands of the future.  Renovation of the underground platforms, the passageways and the entrances to the sixteen stations is called for.

The wall tiles, (partly) produced and glazed by Koninklijke Tichelaar, will have unmistakably handpainted red accents.

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