tichelaar glazes; a special layer of glass!

A glaze is a layer of glass with which a product baked from clay can be covered. The glass consists of a mixture of non-organic minerals: metal oxides and silicates. This mixture is mixed with water to form a liquid with which a ceramic product is poured, immersed or sprayed. When the product is baked with the glaze, the powder mixture melts into a solid glass layer that adheres to the baked ceramic to which it is applied. Royal Tichelaar has built up a library with recipes for more than 1000 different glazes, all with their own unique characteristics and appearance. The properties of a glaze can vary enormously. From a predictable color and shine to a completely unique character, resulting in a rich nuance of color, shine and effect. In particular, this latter category is becoming increasingly popular and recognized as a rich and natural skin for a ceramic element or building. Royal Tichelaar is known worldwide for its "multiple-reading" glazes. These are glazes that have a lively appearance and that one always experiences differently.
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