certificates brick and ceramic products

On 7 June Kiwa carried out the annual audit, which resulted in the extension of the "Conformity Certificate of Production Control at the Factory" for masonry brick HD elements. Masonry brick category: for unprotected use in walls, columns and partitions.

Placed on the market under the (brand) name of Koninklijke Tichelaar B.V.- Makkum (FR) Manufactured at the production installation of Koninklijke Tichelaar B.V.- Makkum (FR) Kiwa also granted Koninklijke Tichelaar the "NL BSB® product certificate" for ceramic products (BRL 52230) The evaluation guideline relates to pre-manufactured ceramic products that can be used:

  • in construction (works)
  • in or on the (land) soil
  • in or on the bottom or bank of a surface water body

Which can come into contact with rainwater, groundwater and / or surface waters.
Examples of ceramic products that fall under this BRL include: masonry brick, street brick, roof tiles, pipes, tiles, brick slips, façade cladding, (window) sills, wall cladding plates, ....

Ceramic products are mainly made of clay. By means of a temperature treatment of about 900 ° C or higher for several hours to a day, shaped products are created that can be regarded as durable and dimensionally stable.

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