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Bats are flying, night-active and insect-eating mammals that find their prey with the help of echolocation. Females come together in nursery groups where the young are born and nursed. A large number of species makes use of cavity walls, spaces under pans, roof frames and wind springs as accommodation for their maternity groups and sometimes for overwintering. With 17 different species, the bat is an important and vulnerable part of biodiversity in Holland. Since 1 January 2017, all bat species in the Netherlands have been strictly protected under the Nature Conservation Act and the European Habitats Directive.

Together with the designer Dick van Hoff we have developed a bat box. The 'eco-technical' requirements for these bat residencies have been drafted bij the Bat experts from the Mammal Society. The knowledge and experience of Koninklijke Tichelaar shows that a ceramic facility offers excellent opportunities to meet these requirements. In our webshop you will find additional information about the different bat boxes including schematic drawings of the built-in bat boxes.

For more information about the Koninklijke Tichelaar bat boxes and/or information about the delivery times, please contact our exclusive distributor:

Faunus Nature Creations
+31 (0) 545-723033

bat boxes
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