Traditional earthenware

On 1 November 2014 we stopped producing stock for our permanent collection of consumer products.

As from 1 January 2015 we have put together a collection of our traditional earthenware that is available only through our webshop. These products are produced in batches. This means that orders are grouped and in principle are produced only once every quarter. Delivery times will be given for each individual order.

For any questions regarding the value (for insurance) or source of products, you can send us an e-mail with photos of the front and back of the product concerned. We endeavour to answer these e-mails within four weeks.

For enquiries about and orders for contemporary ceramics we refer you to ( / +31 (0)6 22803886, or to ‘matter of material’ ( / +31 (0)20 777 07 07,

For enquiries about and orders for Makkum pearls, and ear-rings, we refer you to orson+bodil | alexander van slobbe, Herenstraat 38, 1015 CB Amsterdam, +31 (0)20- 786 44 74,

For enquiries about and orders for tiled stoves, we refer you to: Weltevree, Industrie Park Kleefse Waard, Gebouw KB, Westervoortsedijk 73, 6827 AV Arnhem, +31 (0) 3026 4428 334,